Consultations and Speaking Engagements

I offer customized group work for organizations looking to improve employee cohesion, moral, and performance. These workshops include topics of discussion that promote team-building and increased trust among team members. The sessions may be focus groups or experiential depending on organizational needs. Initially, I meet with human relationship officers or department heads to assess the requirements of the department.  If necessary, I interview team members to gain a greater understanding of organizational politics and structure.

After my initial assessment, I make recommendations for objectives for an employee debrief based on my assessment. Examples of objectives might include:

  • To clarify ways to improve communication between department members
  • To build trust through specification of needs and obstacles
  • To address group/department identity and define roles within the group/department

These objectives are then reviewed and approved by department heads. Group debriefs may last for 2-4 hours or a full day depending on objectives and organizational needs.  Once the employee debrief is held, I meet with team leaders to assess the impact of the debrief and the future needs of the organization. Feedback forms are provided to employees post debrief if requested.