Angela Cerkevich, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

I work as a clinical psychologist in Washington, DC ( license #1001248). I specialize in therapy that addresses anxiety, depression, navigating relationships, and recovery from trauma.

My work as a psychotherapist is directly impacted by my experience as a yoga and meditation instructor and Thai yoga body worker. This background gives me an appreciation for the complexity of the mind-body connection and informs my experiential, rather than intellectual, approach to therapy.

I have first-hand experience working with complex trauma cases, including military personnel suffering from severe PTSD (this work is the reason I decided to attend graduate school) and with civilians suffering from rare forms of PTSD like Disassociative Identitve Disorder. Additionally, I founded an NGO, Anahata International, to teach survivors of genocide and war the self-healing techniques of yoga and meditation.

I hold a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from George Washington University and am a certified yoga instructor. In and effort to provide clients, with the best care possible I engage in ongoing consultation and supervision for all of my work.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Integrative Restoration (IREST)
  • Graphic Trauma Narrative
  • Life-force Yoga for Mood Management
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga for Trauma Recovery

In addition to my therapy practice, I offer yoga and meditation workshops.


I regularly consult with clinicians eager to incorporate yoga techniques into their private practices and within their organizations, and I have served on the training faculty of The Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Training and Education. I started the IREST for active duty program at Fort Belvoir and assisted in its facilitation Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the DC Veterans Affairs Hospital.

Anahata International

I am Director of the non-profit NGO, Anahata International, which teaches yoga and meditation to populations exposed to war, genocide, and traumatic events. I have facilitated programs in Rwanda and the West Bank where I trained individuals how to use yoga and

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