Insurance and Fees

My Policy

As a Psychologist Associate, I work under the license of Dr. Robert Rosenblatt. That means that you will sign your checks to his practice as my work is supervised by Dr. Rosenblatt. Like many therapists in the Washington metropolitan area, I’m a private, out-of-network provider and therefore do not bill insurance companies directly. That means you will pay Dr. Rosenblatt at the end of the month and I will provide you with a bill that includes all the information necessary for you to submit the claim to your insurance company. It’s important for you to know ahead of time if your insurance company provides out-of-network benefits. My fees are: $185 for individuals, $230 for couples, and $135 for group. Employee debriefing prices are determined after an initial assessment is made.


I don’t want an insurance company to strictly define the care I provide to my patients; your treatment shouldn’t be limited by insurance regulations. In the age of managed care, it’s quite possible for a patient’s progress to be negatively affected by restrictions imposed by an insurance policy. In the realm of mental health care, this includes things such as limiting the number of sessions, requiring a specific category of diagnosis for coverage, or denying coverage all-together for specific mental health conditions that should be, but aren’t covered. That’s why I run a fee-for-service practice, which is straightforward and easy to understand. There are no hidden charges. I feel a profound sense of responsibility for the well-being of my patients, so focusing my attention and energy on your care is far more beneficial than negotiating with and managing the needs of your insurance company. First and foremost, it’s your needs that are important to me, and I want to provide for them in the least restrictive way possible.