I believe that you are the greatest resource for healing and change.


Our therapeutic relationship will help you gain access to your own inherent wisdom. We will work together to transform feelings of shame, inadequacy, rage, and loss into resources that promote compassion, productivity, and optimism.

My Approach

I take a dynamic and experiential approach rather than one that is staid and analytical. Many of my clients describe me as having a warm and calming presence, and they will tell you that I am highly active and challenging when necessary.

I use my training and experience to better understand you, what it’s like to be you, and the impact you’re having on the people in your life. I help you address psychological and emotional habits that hold you back or lead to feelings of disappointment in life.

Our work together may include traditional talk therapy only, or it may integrate holistic mind-body methods rooted in mindfulness and somatic techniques that use your body’s innate intelligence.

What To Expect

In my practice, we work together in a three-step process.

Establish Our Relationship

First, we address the reason(s) you sought therapy, and we work together to understand the emotional, psychological and/or behavioral patterns that you are caught in – and that are holding you back from living the life you want.

Stabilize Your Foundation

Second, we process current and past wounds in order to move through feelings of shame, regret, anger, and loss. Such feelings contribute to anxiety and immobility when left unattended. Once confronted and released, you will feel strong, energized, and at ease.

Limitless Opportunities

Third, we focus on life enhancement. Therapy becomes less about fixing and more about increasing your sense of well-being, confidence, and optimism. By employing this three part approach, you are freed from a limiting view of yourself and are open to new and different ways to interact with the world. Joy, contentment, and harmony follows.


Our First Session

Finding a therapist is a daunting task. When you are going through a difficult time, it’s normal to have concerns about opening up to a complete stranger. Plus, finding a good fit is key; a strong connection is critical for an effective therapeutic relationship.

I invite you to try an initial session and see how it goes. Once you get a feel for how I work, you can determine whether or not we are a good match. Please keep in mind that sometimes it takes a few sessions to determine how we may best work together.

If it seems like we are not the best match, I am always happy to provide referrals.

If we decide to work together, please complete the new patient forms and bring them to your second appointment.


My approach ranges from traditional talk therapy (influenced by Psychodynamic, Relational, and Humanistic theories) to complementary and alternative methods rooted in mindfulness, compassion practices, and somatic (using your body’s innate intelligence) techniques. Treatment may integrate traditional with holistic mind/body approaches or consist only of traditional psychotherapy.

Because each client is different, I tailor my approach based on your unique individual needs and goals.